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Small Lights that Look Great in Your Home

Lighting can make your house look dreamy and fantastic on top of being comfortable. Choosing the right small lights — whether your house is a mansion or studio-type apartment — can be a fun way to decorate your living space. In this article, we’ll talk about the different types of small lights you can use to brighten up and decorate your home. Read on!

Vintage String Lights

Most people use vintage hanging string lights to evoke a retro ambiance in their homes. You’ll also see them in places like bars that want to look timeless. Some others refer to them as Edison light bulbs because of their antique yet decorative appearance, thanks to their warm yellow glow. Try vintage string lights if you want to create an intimate atmosphere in your house. Unlike modern white lights, vintage string lights can create a romantic ambiance.

Pendant Lights

Small pendant lights come in different forms, but they often have a single light bulb mounted inside a globe or under an open shade or reflector. They’re a great lighting option since they can serve a variety of purposes and can be placed nearly anywhere in the house because of their varying designs. A small pendant light can be mounted as the central fixture in a small room, or you can use it to light a long hallway or corridor. If you want, you can use it to light only a small area in a room (as opposed to using it as a general light source). They can be used as task lighting, helping you see better on your work table, kitchen island, or other work spaces. Whichever way you want to use it, pendant lights will always be a highly useful source of light in any home.

Rope Lights

Rope lights have bulbs enclosed in protective PVC jackets. Because of their weather resistance, they’re often used outside the house to provide light during the winter months. However, they also look great inside a house. These days, many homeowners use them to light up staircases or objects that they want to highlight in their house. You can buy LED rope lights that can turn into different colors. You can also buy some that are simpler with a soft glow or cold white light. Either way, LED rope lights consume less energy than traditional ones, though they’re also a bit more expensive. If customer feedback is anything to go by, they’re an extremely worthy investment.

Fairy Lights

If you want to evoke a magical atmosphere, then fairy lights are your best bet. People often use them as decoration in bedrooms, but they’re also a popular outdoor lighting source. In the dark, they can create an optical illusion — you’ll think you’re seeing a hundred separate fireflies gathered in one area. This works perfectly when you hang fairy lights on trees and bushes. You can also hang them over your patio or overhead. If you do it well, you can mimic a highly romantic starry night sky, creating a surprisingly intimate setup.