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How To Make Your Space Look More Fancy

How to make your space look more fancy

We visualize our favorite celebrities’ swanky homes on Architectural Digest when we think of luxurious spaces. Can you blame us? Those homes are to die for. While we’d love to reverie on these flawlessly perfect multi-million properties, not all of us have busloads of money to emulate their tasteful decor- shoulders slump. Decorating is expensive, no doubt, but you’d be glad to know that you don’t have to lose an arm and leg to transform that fairly simple home of yours into those high-end spaces we all obsess over without blowing your budget. Yes, you read that right. Fancying up your space doesn’t always mean hiring Justina Blakeney or doing a whole room-by-room furniture replacement; with a few coveted items and additions, you can have your home go from drab to looking like a million bucks.

Five luxe items you need in your home

We’re betting you’ve read hundreds of blogs on sprucing up your living space and saved a couple of magazine-worthy decor pins on your Pinterest board if you’re here right now. We’re sure about another thing; most of those interior decor ideas come in a little over budget. Sure we love a good splurge, but hundreds of bucks for a Chrisy Tiegen throw blanket seems excessive. What’s our point? You can glam up your home without emptying your bank accounts; here’s how.

Striking textiles

Fabricate that luxe with textiles. Swapping out bland fabrics and textiles in your home for texture is a sure-fire way to bring in that expensive feel, and it could be anything from your sofa fabrics to rugs, throw pillows, and blankets. Take some time to shop around for plush textures to incorporate into your home, our personal favorites being boucle, sheen velvet, and mohair. The best part? You can introduce these gorgeous textiles into any space, be it your bedroom, dining area, or living room, you name it.

Strip the lights

Oh, the things you can do with lighting, don’t even get us started. Lighting fixtures have the potential to impressively dress up a space without taking out functionality. These additions come in various shapes and styles that’ll blend into any theme and home. Take this as a green light to replace those bland builder-grade illumination fittings; we suggest going for decadent dimmable lights in bold aesthetic fixtures if you want to live on the edge. You’d be surprised by how big a difference chic LED chandeliers can make in your hallway.

Touch of greenery

Who wouldn’t find blooming plants and seasonal flowers fancy? Not me! Incorporate some nature into your house to instantly elevate the space, and before you bow out on this trip as a serial plant killer, we’ve got news for you- they don’t have to be real! Buy some stunning blooms for your window sills or coffee table from your local farmer’s market if you pride yourself on being a nurturer; the alternative is going realistically plastic for those who aren’t big on responsibility. Going green is an aesthetic, but you’re looking at a decor piece when you complement it with abstract ceramic, marble, or cement pots.

Hang some artwork

Artwork is eye candy; trust us on this one. Paintings and photographs make a fun and stylish tip to add some luxe to any room. Why do we love it? Artwork can do as little as add color and interest to a space or grace your walls with a focal point to adore. Buy some artwork from your local gallery to hang up that empty wall in your bathroom or over your headboard for an artistic touch. Better yet, go all Picasso and paint your art. Hack- you can print out HD images from the internet and frame them to save yourself those extra bucks. Shhh, no one has to know.

Toss in antiques

Did you think we’d end this list without a dash of soul and character? Think again- there’s a charm and sophistication around vintage pieces that we can’t get over. Antiques create a sense of interest, often making a space feel lived in with stories to tell. Besides, solely treading along contemporary lines can quickly turn boring so consider getting an embroidered mirror or a gold-rimmed wall clock to bring that balance and “old-money vibe” into your home. Perhaps this is the sign you’ve been waiting on to bring out those family heirlooms or visit the flea market- ugh, this feels like a treasure hunt!


We spend a lot of time in our homes, and while there’s nothing wrong with that, those spaces we love so much end up growing us and getting a little too familiar- some might even say boring. The occasional effort to switch things up now and then is what’ll save you from that mundane cycle by maintaining an updated feel to your space. And while most would argue that decor costs a chunk, we’d love to dispute that there’s something for everyone, even those of us that have a knack for luxury. With the right tips and items on your list, you don’t even have to compromise your style, so quit fighting the urge to invest in fancy items for your homes, especially if they’re a steal.