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Great Ways To Utilize Wall Lights In Your Home Or Business

Shopping for lighting solutions does not have to be boring; be it a modern, classic, contemporary, or industrial style space, wall lights offer an excellent addition to match any lighting scheme. The latest designs and technology in the market leave consumers spoiled for choice with a wide range of textures, styles, and materials to choose from. Therefore, the dilemma for most property owners is the questions that precede the purchase- what type of lights, material, angles, and placement are some of the critical questions one has to maneuver. Whether the initial purpose of your wall light fixture was illumination, or otherwise, here are five of the best ways to utilize your wall-mounted lights.


Primarily, most experts advise using your lighting function as your focal point and working your way up from there. Whether the sole purpose of your wall lights is illumination, creation of depth, ambiance, or aesthetics, taking a directional approach will save you a lot of trouble. For instance, negative spaces indoors are best brought out with soft and diffused lighting, making wall sconces your go-to fixture. Alternatively, spotlighting fixtures play well on kitchen islands and the study. Business owners about aesthetics gravitate towards neutral-colored lighting sets that will seamlessly blend in with their décor. Ultimately, the wall light choice naturally aligns with the function it seeks to serve.

Go adjustable

Adjustable wall-mounted lights are the thing! Adequate task lighting goes hand in hand with flexibility; going for conventional downlights is just as limiting as negating the need for stationery wall light fixtures. Adjustable wall lights liberate switching up of positions while maintaining your space’s uniformity conveniently. Flexible wall lights are your best bet when working with small areas where a feel of intimacy and brilliance is vital- that swing-arm light might be the perfect fit for your cozy nook.

Light placement

Where you fix your wall lights can change the entire perspective of the space. Positioning of wall lights naturally points back to the purpose of your lighting set- go for wall lights solutions that meet your needs. Upcast wall lights, for instance, can offer unmatched ambiance and beauty through soft shadows; however, they are not a fit for brilliant lighting. A grand lighting scheme is bound to bring any room to life. Conversely, hotel lobbies and hallways could never go wrong with overhead lighting. Dare to spruce up those empty home office spaces with a vertical torchiere guaranteed to accentuate the room.

Creating a balance

Much like any other aesthetic spectrum, less is much when it comes to wall lights- you want to strike a balance in your living space and have the room come together beautifully. Colored or stained glass on wall lights can achieve a softer look while subtly diffusing the light across the room for a classic feel. Larger spaces leave room for a bit of mix and match, allowing you to contrast different wall lights textures like marble and metal. Finally, you can choose to utilize your wall lights by highlighting the room’s focal point, be it a painting or a traditional fireplace- wall lights are guaranteed to bring the whole room together.

Statement pieces

If you’re feeling bold and edgy, then wall lights will make an excellent addition to your space. You can never go wrong with oversized and brightly colored wall-mounted sconces; these are a definite eye-catcher. Don’t shy away from your favorite hues; mix and match different shades for a show-stopping piece of art. A wall light fixture that stands out always makes quite the impression, so get to shopping for that perfect wall mount light for your console table. Wall lighting has revolutionized the lighting game- the exceptional designs and styles catering to indoor and outdoor lighting are proof of that. Ordinarily, wall lights were linked closely to accent lighting, but lighting experts have given homeowners a brand-new perspective on how best they can utilize their wall lights. So don’t just stop at illumination; play around with your lights to achieve that to die for set up from Home Expo!