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How to Choose Between Pendant Lights and Mini Pendant Lights

It’s official! Pendants have dethroned the long-reigning chandelier in the home and with good reason. These lights are the perfect ensemble for your home, and we are not just talking about the decorative spin they deliver but also flexibility in both design and layout. What makes pendants so special is the variety of style and function they encompass. And we all know what they say about lighting; the right one could make all the difference. But what to choose? Large, regular or mini? Your choice of lighting has a lot to do with your lighting needs and the decorative element you want to add to the room. Thus, be sure to choose the right size pendant for your space. Before you do, here is a glance at how to decide between regular pendants and mini pendant lights. A breakdown of what you should look at when choosing between which two of the lights you should install in your home.

Lighting usage

What are you hoping to achieve with the lighting? Pendant lights can be used to create ambiance or illuminate a room. Depending on your goal, you can use the regular pendant to light up a room without pairing it with any other lighting. However, if you want sufficient task lighting mini pendants are your go-to. Mini pendant lights can be used as task lighting used to illuminate a specific area in a room like an island in the kitchen or the desk in a room or dining area in the dining space.

Scale of the room

Are you dealing with a small or large room? Scale is crucial when considering lighting; the larger the room, the bigger the lighting should be. Mini pendants will look unbalanced and tend to dwarf the size of a large room, so consider them for smaller spaces. Simultaneously, regular pendant lighting will look overwhelming in a smaller room. Ceiling space is also important to look at; you can be sure you are getting the proper lighting for the available space. Is the ceiling space enough to carry the pendant lighting? If not, mini pendants are a space-saving option if you do not want to take up too much space.

The look

The style of your room has a strong hand in the pendant light you pick. Are you exploring a laid-back look or something dramatic for your room? Regular pendants stand out; you can imagine how pairing two can create a compelling look, whereas mini pendants would do a great job providing a discreet look for the room.


Sometimes, the answer is as easy as what you want. What looks better, in your opinion? And what works better for your room? In the battle between regular and mini pendant lights, personal preference and functionality ultimately win. Go with your gut while checking that the lighting works for your space.


Larger sized pendant lighting provides less light because it illuminates upward and outward. Additionally, they tend to create opaque shades if not used with other sources like canisters. To attain better light spread, mini pendant lights work best. Mini pendants create a clean line of light meaning no shadows will obstruct walkways or cast on the ceiling. Great things come in small packages, and nothing says this more than mini pendants. This in no way however, cancels out the beauty of a regular pendant lighting. You can use one or both to enhance your room, there really is no wrong answer in lighting. However, if you have to choose between a pendant and a mini pendant, you should now be able to make your decision much more easily with the help of this guide.