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Why Bollard Lights Make A Great Addition To Your Outdoor Space

If you’ve ever looked up outdoor lighting solutions, chances are you have come across bollard lighting- these sturdy vertical light fixtures also known as garden lamp posts have grown popular among homeowners. Outdoor lighting systems are no longer constricted to their primary function of illuminance with many more features sought-after from ambiance, elegance, style to other specialized functions. As a result, our homes are no longer boring structures to spend our lives in but spaces with character and soul. Bollard lights offer an expressive lighting solution set to spruce up your outdoors with just the right amount of oomph. Still not sold? Here are five reasons why bollard lighting might just be the right fit for your space.


Whether you live in a classic or contemporary home, bollard garden posts are bound to accentuate your space. The visual perimeters illuminate your outdoor space in flattering colors and gorgeous shadows under the best dispersion. Bollard fixtures also come in different shapes and sizes that take up a little space, ensuring there are no shadows cast in your landscape; you do not have to worry about your guests missing those beautiful dandelions on their way in. Apart from color, these lights come in a wide range of materials, giving you the creative liberty to pick something that would blend perfectly with your space.


Most homeowners pay a chunk in electrical and utility bills, so there isn’t much to spare on fancy outdoor lighting fixtures. But, don’t sweat it; these garden posts are a coupling between efficiency and performance. With bollard LED models designed to optimize energy consumption through autonomy, reflectors, and dispersions, you are guaranteed to find the best deal for your space. Additionally, the bulbs used in bollard fixtures provide efficient illumination with a voltage as low as 10 Watts improving the energy efficiency by about 80 percent!


Bollard fixtures are all about functionality. They are designed with the capacity to withstand any weather; the LED bollard designs are a win on maintenance. Regardless of the geographical region, bollard lighting withstand the harshest climates without falter. After installation, your lights are guaranteed to be fully operational due to the precise mechanism behind LEDs light generation. As a result, you can kick back and enjoy some backyard ambient lighting without incurring any unnecessary maintenance costs all year round.


Ideally, the bollard fixtures are convenient for bordering, especially in garden beds hence its name ‘garden lamp posts’. The LED lights provide an inexpensive bordering solution that is complementary to your visual design. Since the fixtures provide landscape lighting, your garden bed is bound to stay safe from any unwanted intrusion. However, to effectively utilize the bollard light as markers, they have to be installed at least 2-4 meters apart in a zig-zag pattern. From parking space marking to garden bordering, the possibilities are endless with these lights.


Granted, bollard lightings are an environmentally friendly choice compared to traditional outdoor lighting fixtures. The materials utilized in manufacturing the lights are free of any ultraviolet radiation and toxic chemicals like phosphorus and mercury. In addition, the minimal infrared detection in bollard light fixtures guarantees a safe light source for your household. You don’t have to compromise- go green! Bollard light fixtures offer an excellent look for any landscape; the atmosphere and versatility of these lighting fixtures are unmatched. When paired with its features, the appealing design of bollard lighting is set to give any outdoor space an edge. Assuredly the market offers a wide range of models to suit any landscape design, taste, or budget. So before making that trip to your local electrical store, weigh in the optics to call the best shots on your outdoor lighting solutions.