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How LED Lighting Can Increase Your Home’s Value

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to increase the value of your home is by installing LED lighting. According to Consumer Reports, using LED lighting in your home can boost its value by at least one to three percent. Rather than having to constantly replace old, dim light bulbs, you won’t have to change LED bulbs for years. Their life expectancy of about 23 years means your home won’t excessively consume electricity — saving you money, both immediately and in the long run. It’s estimated that you can save about $750 per replaced fixture when you install LED lighting in your home. LED lighting also saves a homeowner cooling costs, since they emit minimal heat. These significant savings easily and immediately translate into home value.

You can also save about five percent of your overall energy costs just by switching to LED lights. In addition to their longer life expectancy, they also use 80 percent less energy than traditional light bulbs. Their efficiency can also be supplemented by installing a dimmer switch, so you can control how much lighting you really need at any given time.

LED lighting is extremely cost-effective and eco-friendly. They save up to 10,350 pounds of greenhouse gases per replaced fixture and do not contain hazardous mercury. These savings and benefits significantly increase your home’s value from the second you twist the LED light bulb into place. They can also benefit the interior design of your home. Proper lighting can make a room look far bigger, cleaner, and compliments a fresh paint job perfectly. It draws the eye to places in the room that might have been hidden by shadows, illuminates artwork, and stimulates a viewer’s imagination. When they see a well-lit room, they can envision the potential style of the room. The fluorescence of traditional lighting can be harsh on paint and on the decor of a room. Changing to a softer, warmer lighting fixture will make the whole room much more pleasant to the eye. Lighting your rooms properly can add substantial value to your home for less than $2000 in most cases. Installing LED lighting in your home is a vital stylistic move. Our lights have been carefully engineered to bring as much light and value into your home as possible. Most of our collections have been inspired by stars, galactic systems, and constellations to maximize the potential design value of the fixture and consequent space. They’re infused with cutting edge LED technology, dimmable capability, soft white bulbs, and tens of thousands of hours in their life expectancy. The versatility of our lighting fixtures enables them to be used however the homeowner sees fit, adding a depth and dimension to the value of the fixtures. They can be the centerpiece of the room or merely a compliment to existing pieces and decor. Additionally, fully furnished rooms are ideal for both decorating and selling purposes. Whether you’re an interior designer wishing to demonstrate your designing prowess or a real estate agent seeking to stage the rooms, having your rooms tailored to perfection will benefit both client and owner/seller. They will see the potential of the room and its subsequent value.

Environmentally friendly technology is increasingly important in today’s conscious society. Potential homeowners see that you’ve put LED lighting and other energy efficient modifications into the house, and they predict the substantial return on that investment. Installing our specialty lighting saves energy and cooling costs and adds an irresistible element of style to your home. When buyers or clients see that you’ve had LED lighting installed, they just might make an offer right there on the spot.