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How To Choose The Right Commercial Lighting

It’s not enough for business establishments to have their lighting serve a functional purpose only. Today, the demand for creativity is gaining more prominence. That is why business owners have invested in researching what lighting design they can apply to enhance the work experience and attract more customers. 

If you have no idea how, here are some tips to help choose the right commercial lighting for your business.

Consider the Right Output 

When it comes to commercial lighting, you would typically choose between fluorescent and LED lights. Though there are high-intensity fluorescent lights, most commercial establishments prefer to use LED lights instead. 

The main reason is that LEDs can give a higher light output but are more energy efficient, which lets you save more money. You can even enhance it by adding automation to the lighting system to control energy consumption.

Aesthetic Value

As your competition grows, aesthetic lighting becomes essential to enhance the image of your establishment. So, a cutting-edge lighting technique is a must if you want to stay ahead of your competition. 

Aesthetic lighting can also set the mood in welcoming your customers and create an ambiance that can boost the morale of your workers.

Choose Cost Effective Fixtures

Maximizing profits as much as possible is the most important goal if you are a businessman. Profitability in your business will surely increase if you can avoid spending large amounts of money. And installing a good-lighting system that is energy efficient can reduce your bills and justifies your installation cost.

So, it would be best to install commercial LED lights in your facility. They may be more expensive than traditional LED lights, but they can help save up to three-quarters of your energy cost.

Don’t Overlook Durability 

Your light fixtures would be useless if they can only last months after you install them. So ensure that what you are using won’t need any replacing soon. And buy from reputable companies who are known to manufacture quality light fixtures.

Remember to check the right labels like UL (Underwriters Laboratories) or Environmental Testing Laboratories. These are indicators that your light fixture accomplished safety and quality requirements. Meaning it can last longer than those untrustworthy products.

Configure Your Ceiling for the Right Fixture

There are light fixtures that you can only install in specific ceilings. And some will require additional attachments. If you already have existing lights, you can choose to install light fixtures that can add another layer to your lighting design.

To give you some idea, here are some ceiling designs which you can use in your facility:

  • Linear LED Designs: You can see this applied in reception areas, strategically placing LED fixtures to complement a room. The linear pattern of the lights will elongate an area, making a small room larger.
  • Cylindrical and Track Fixtures: It would be best to use this design if you have cylindrical and track light fixtures with different colors. If you want a matching effect, paint your ceiling with the same colors as your light fixtures.


If you’re planning to install a new lighting system in your business establishment, it’s essential to do some research first to choose the right one. So if you know anyone who doesn’t know where to start with their lighting, sharing this article will help.