What Type Of Lamp Is Best For Your Room?

Today, because of modern innovation, lamps now have different styles and designs to fit the vision a homeowner wants in their interior. So the best type of lamp depends on what you desire. To get a sense of what to use, below are some lamps readily available in the market.

Floor Lamps 

Floor lamps are one of the most versatile light fixtures, which do not require an elevated surface. You can either opt for a simple yet modern one that gives off an elegant vibe, utilizing a single support column for the light source and shade. Or a multiple-legged floor lamp that looks like a modern sculpture or tripod. And light direction can either point upward, downward or both, depending on the shade.

Table Lamps

Unlike floor lamps, table lamps need surfaces like dining tables or end tables to be of use. They are a lot smaller than floor lamps and can provide some illumination to an interior.

Table lamps can be very decorative, like stained glass lamps, which use multicolored stained glass shades. Or modern and sleek, with your typical cube-shaped shade. 

You can also use buffet lamps, which are typically bought in pairs and are a popular opinion.

Desk Lamps

These lamps are typically used for working spaces, like your desk when you write or read or on your keyboard. There are even some desk lamps that you can attach to the edges of your desk surface with adjustable arms for fine tuning light intensity and direction.

Wall lamps

These are lamps mounted directly to your walls, which you can install inside or outside your house. If you want them part of your interior, you can install them in hallways, bathrooms, or your living room to provide accent lighting or add another layer to your lighting design. You can also use them to highlight unique art on your walls.

Some Tips for Placing Lamps

When placing your lamps in your room, consider the décor and light direction. Other than that, you should:

  • Tall floor lamps are for the corner – Depending on the shade, putting your tall lamps in the lamps can indirectly light up the whole room since the lights will bounce off the walls and ceilings.
  • Add flair with directional light – Intense directional light coming from wall, floor, or table lamps can add drama and flair to your interior.
  • Use LED lamps - Having so many light fixtures in your house can skyrocket your electric bills. So, it would be best to use LED lamps since they are energy efficient and durable.
  • Match style with the space – Modern lamps with a sleek design pair well with contemporary interiors, while stained glass lamps and torchieres accentuate more traditional. 


Choosing the best lamps for your rooms depends on your vision of the interior and overall lighting of said room. So, it would be best to learn what types are out there first before choosing one. And if you know anyone planning on buying one, share this article to give them an idea of what is best for their room.