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How To Make Your Living Room Feel Like A Movie Theater

The beginning of this year had us cuddled up at home throughout the weekends and holiday breaks. With safety measures, curfews and lockdowns at their peak, we were shut out from the good old cinema dates and movie nights we all so loved. Quite frankly, even with 4K screens and live streaming in our homes, snuggling on your couch to catch that latest Marvel production doesn’t hit the spot as a movie theater experience would. And while we can’t teleport you to your favorite movie theater, we can help you turn your living room into a full-on home theater, so you’re not missing out. So grab that giant popcorn bowl and fleece blanket for pro tips and tricks.

Tips for a home theater transformation

Revamp your seats

Nothing screams movie theater vibes like puffy dark-coloured seats with cup holders and reclining specs. You’ve got to love the comfort of these seats- I mean, who wouldn’t? The idea is to have everyone cozied up throughout the screen time, and what better way to achieve that than the good old leather or velvet recliner seats. However, if recliner seats aren’t your style, don’t fret; you can still give your sectional or lounger sofa a theater worthy facelift. Plop a few throw pillows and a stock of snuggly blankets within arm’s reach, and you’re off to a good start.

Go all out with the snacks

Even if you’re not a movie buff, you have to appreciate the never-ending supply of snacks at the movie theater. Not to mention the oh, so buttery smell of popcorn that hits you when you walk in. I’m drooling right now. It’s impossible to nail that movie theater feel without snacks; the only difference this time is you get to go with all your favorites. Stock up on popcorn, potato chips, pizza or barbecued wings for starters, then wash it down with some soda and a giant ice-cream tub. Your theater, your rules. Go all out with the snack supply; we’re not counting on any ushers to bust you.

Show out with the wall lighting

Before you reach out to hit that off switch button, hear us out. Lighting is essential for movie screenings; you just have to know how to work your way around it- glaring bright lights cast a shadow on your screen, and going too dark will also put a strain on your eyes. So instead, invest in some dimming wall light fixtures for an immersive movie experience. Better yet, get some affordable LED backlights to brighten the darkest part of the screen. Finally, opt for some color changing string lights if you’re looking to bring out that retro touch into your home theater; there is really no limit to what you can do with your lighting.

Step up your sound system

There is so much to keep your ears perked up on movie nights; the sound effects, the soundtracks, the dialogue. Unless you’re a newbie to the movie screening code- no one likes having to rewind or repeat lines all because you missed that part. Consider getting a superior sound system to boost your T.V’s in-built speakers- this could be anything from a secondary Bluetooth speaker to a high-end home theater surround system. And if a brand new sound system is not in your budget, don’t sweat it. Explore your T.V sound features; you’ll be shocked at how much you’ve been overlooking.

Summing Up

The ins and outs of theater are unmatched, but that doesn’t mean you have to sell yourself short. You can take your living room and reinvent it into an impressive home theater with a few adjustments. Substituting cinema halls for stay at home movie nights do not have to be bland- this means you don’t necessarily have to impinge the picture and sound all because you chose to stay home. Itching for a weekend movie escape, but the dress up and lining hassle at movie theaters has you weighed down? Recreate your living space into your dream theater with these simple additions. Now that we’ve got you up to speed with all the home theater trends, maybe it’s time for your next DIY project.