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Tips For Improving Your Backyard’s Night Time Appeal

Curb appeal is focal, and we’re not just talking in the sense of property value. Of course, we all want to add a couple of hundreds or thousands of dollars to our home’s worth, even if we’re not putting it on the market any time soon. However, have you stopped and thought of what you find so appealing about that house down the block that has you ogling every time you go out for your night run? I mean, you mustn’t have been over for a nice cup of tea to see the interior work of that lovely home; however, the first impression drew you in- that right there is the power of nighttime appeal.

Five comprehensive tips to an aesthetical backyard by night

Admittedly, your outdoors may be stunning by day, from your lush green manicured lawns to that ethereal fountain in your backyard. The question is- does this beauty hold when the sun sets? Most approaches to turning your outdoor space into an inviting space beyond dusk centers around landscape lighting. Below are four tips to working that night awe into your backyard space

Highlight Architectural Designs

There is always that one outdoor feature that tugs at your heart; this could be anything from a simple chimney to a majestic fountain. Drawing the focus on outstanding architectural features is always a sure bet for improving that nighttime curb appeal. Introduce some LED lights into that water screen or pool you love so much for impressive nighttime detail. Up-lighting or downlighting your statues and hedges not only animates them but also gives passersby and guests a clear view of all the beauty they were missing out on.

Build a firepit

Fire pits are a no-brainer selection when it comes to enhancing a backyard space. The crackling pit bring with it winter night memories of roast marshmallows and s’mores- an eyecatcher! Consider constructing a stone or granite fire pit for your backyard with cozy seats; this makes an excellent addition for your outdoors that will have you looking forward to those holiday seasons with your friends and family.

Outdoor led lighting

Primary lighting will always suffice; however, have you considered adding accent led lights to your outdoor space? You don’t have to stop at task lighting with outdoor illumination; go the extra mile with gorgeous accent outdoor led lighting fixtures for your backyard. From rustic wall sconces for your deck to sleek bollard fixtures for your garden pathways, there is an endless selection to suit your backyard set-up. The trick to tastefully incorporating accent lighting is simplicity; you’d want the light fixtures objectively placed in your backyard, so they are not overwhelming.

Create an ambience

Ambient lighting is everything. Light has a way of setting the mood and creating a vibe even in the plainest of spaces. For instance, string LED lights to give a fun, funky feel to a room, line them up on your patio, and you have a gorgeous ethereal effect fit for magical evenings. The option to colored bulbs and temperature ranges serves ambient lighting. Go for cool or warm-toned lights for your backyard for the ultimate nighttime allure. You can also play around with the fixtures positioning to cast moody shadows or diffused lighting in your backyard. There is no limit to what you can do to achieve ambiance in your backyard, even at nightfall.

Wrapping up

Enhancing your space doesn’t always have to be around new construction projects and extreme budgets, simple additions like lights can bring that pop to your backyard without breaking the bank. So, rather than rush to Pinterest boards for inspiration, consider sprucing up all you have and building your way from there. Who knows, you might not need that brand-new pergola construction anymore but some pretty affordable fairy lights hanging off your backyard.