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How to Protect Your Outdoor Lighting

If you want to improve the look of your house at night, the first thing you should do is install light fixtures. Not only do they make your property look more appealing, but they also add to the security of the area. Lighting up places like walkways and porches prevents anyone from accidentally tripping in the dark. Moreover, it also discourages burglars and other unwanted guests from coming to your property. Without a doubt, outdoor light fixtures can transform your home for the better. However, since outdoor lighting is placed outside homes, most homeowners will find them susceptible to damage from many sources. The constant exposure to rain, for example, can lead to problems in the electrical wiring. Fortunately, there are various ways you can protect them from damage. Read on below for five tips to keep your outdoor lighting safe.

Proper Location

The best way to protect your lights from outside elements is by carefully planning where to put them. For instance, placing lights underneath the eaves of your garage will keep them from the harsh sunlight, thus preventing its plastic components from expanding and cracking. You should also consider installing recessed lighting or light fixtures that are installed inside the ceiling or walls. That way, they stay protected even during the rainiest of days. Additionally, you should keep street lights away from any trees to avoid damage during storms when they might get knocked over by the wind.

Defense Against Bugs

It’s no secret how bugs love the warmth light fixtures give off. In fact, most homeowners can observe how flies and moths appear at night to buzz around their outdoor lights. As such, you should switch to outdoor led lighting to prevent pesky insects from dampening outdoor gatherings and harming your lights. LED lights give off less warmth than others, making them less attractive to bugs at night. Another great alternative is encouraging natural predators like bats and birds to live in the area. Bird feeders and bat boxes will attract these winged creatures and help you exterminate annoying insects on your property.

Install Light Shields

For additional physical protection from various outdoor elements, installing light shields is the way to go. If you don’t know what light shields are, they’re clear boxes that you place on top light fixtures to prevent moisture from creeping in. Many opt to install these shields as they’re cheap and won’t require extensive modifications compared to other solutions.

Consider Solar and LED

One of the biggest issues of outdoor lighting is the wiring. Exposing wires to rain, sun, and snow just spells a whole lot of trouble! So, if you’re planning to place lights along your pathway, choose solar lights. They’re wire-free; plus, if you want to save on installation costs, you can always buy solar light stakes. Another option is wireless LED lights. These types of lights are sealed and are operated through batteries. Unlike solar lights, they emit stronger lights, perfect for the darker areas of your property like the garden or backyard.

Inspect Frequently

Finally, don’t forget to inspect your outdoor lighting frequently. Many people forget about this and end up paying more for repairs that could’ve been remedied early on. So, to save more in the long run, regularly check your lights for any signs of damage, especially after a stormy night. If you can, have a professional electrician take a look at the lights to ensure that they keep working correctly and safely.


Investing in outdoor lighting is always a great idea. However, just like all things, they can get damaged without proper care. Thus, if you want to prolong the life of your outdoor lights, follow the five tips above to help you protect your outdoor lights.