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Types of Bollard Lights To Consider Purchasing

Anyone who has a yard needs to have outdoor lighting. Because not only does it give more aesthetics to your home, it also provides more security. Plus, it can raise the overall value of your property. Bollard lights are one of the best light fixtures you can add to a yard for outdoor lighting. And in this article, you will learn all about them and what types are worth considering for your landscape.

The Modern Bollard Light

Before you open up your wallet to buy some bollard lights, you must first learn what a bollard light is. Modern innovation gave rise to various and complicated types of bollard lights. That is because manufacturers had to cater to the different landscapes homeowners have. Not only that, but they also have to keep up with what is trending. So, there are now bollard lights with filigree, molding, or other ornamental features to make them more aesthetically pleasing. It can get confusing, especially if bollard lights are new to you. But don’t worry, below are the types of bollard lights typically found in homes so you can narrow down your list.


If you want your outdoor lights to be as minimal as possible, a louver-type bollard light is your best bet. This light fixture points its light towards the ground. So it does not create too much light pollution in your yard. They are best suited for pathways, oceanfront properties, or intimate areas in your yard.

Standard Cone Reflector

This type of bollard is perfect for those with large yards or landscapes. That is because it produces a 360-degree shine. If you want to use only a few light fixtures, this would be your best option. They are also perfect for highlighting unique features in your yard or landscape, like trees or bushes.

Specialized Cone Reflector

If you want this bollard light, always choose an LED type. That is because it is more efficient and brighter. But since the reflector is facing downward, it will not cause too much light pollution. So it’s like an upgraded version of the louver.

Type V Glass Reflectors

This is like an upgraded version of the standard cone reflector. It produces 360-degree shine but is much more intense.

Benefits of Using Bollard Lights

Now that you know what types and how to set up your bollard lights, below are the benefits of using bollard lights for your home.

Safety and Protection

The most common benefit you can gain from bollard light is safety and protection. The added illumination to your house can catch people’s attention when they pass by it. So if a would-be thief will rob your place, passersby and your neighbors will notice them. Bollard lights also ensure that you will not stray from your pathway and possibly destroy your lawn or garden.

Highlight Unique Features

Having unique features in your yard is a swell idea to add aesthetics to your home. But when the sun goes down, people will not notice those features anymore. Adding bollard lights to your house ensures those unique features get the attention they need, even when it is already in the evening.

Increase Value of Property

If you plan to sell your property, bollard lights can increase its value. So they are a good investment when it comes to real estate.


Everyone wants to have a beautiful home. And bollard lights have no problem accomplishing this. But it is essential to do a little research first, especially if you don’t know anything about a product. So share this article with your friends to let them know all about bollard lights.