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Modern lighting fixtures you can use at home

Thanks to the pandemic, most of us have taken to magnifying our homes, often questioning whether our home decor is up to date or if the shabby chic rug we love is living in the past. With the rollercoaster of home updates and upgrades far from winding down, we'd like to turn your attention to the vital ingredient that would harmonize all your home decor efforts- lighting. Ask any experienced designer their creative process and hacks to bring any room together, and they'll say lighting. Illumination fixtures have so much power than most of us perceive, ideally carrying with them the capability to brighten up a room, improve moods, boost productivity, enliven other decor elements and inject ambiance wherever they're introduced. So, while you're picking out your furnishings and contemplating fabrics and textures this year, you might want to pay a little more attention to the lighting schemes and fixtures you select for your home.

Five trendy illumination fixtures you need in your home.

Lighting isn't just an afterthought; if anything, it's the core element of a space. The illumination fixtures you invest in are what'll take your home to the next level, considerably impacting the visibility of every feature present, from the walls to the color tones and the artwork. That aside, you'll find modern lighting fixtures stylish enough to stand alone as centerpieces. Of course, you can always go the traditional way, leaning exclusively towards functionality rather than aesthetics with your lighting, but why settle for less when you can have the best of both worlds? We'd love to take you through five inspiring lighting fixtures that'll transcend your home into the 21st century.


Chandeliers have stood the test of time, making an effortless cross from the medieval era into the modern age. How so? These timeless ceiling suspended structures do more than light-up spaces; they have a charm about them, coining themselves credit for being sophisticated decor pieces. The design and layout of modern chandeliers bring an elegant aesthetic touch to spaces, something that's unachievable with most lighting fixtures; these lighting additions are admirably intricate and eye-catching with impossibly chic details in their cuts and trims. Chandeliers are also indispensable due to their versatility in both design and function; whether you choose to use it as a primary dining area lighting fixture or hang it up to your bedroom ceiling for an ambient glow, the chandelier will always stand out. And don't even get us started on how many types of chandeliers you'll find in the market.

Pendant lights

Pendant lights are a modern lighting favorite gracing both indoors and outdoor spaces. These edgy illumination structures are typically suspended from the ceiling by a cord, cable, or rod with their bulb angled downward for effective downlighting. Investing in pendant lights means you'll enjoy directional light, making them perfect for task lighting. We also can't help but point out how decorative these fixtures are. They come in elaborate options of metallic, paper, wooden, or fabric lampshades; textures that can significantly stylize your space and add a touch of color. Another added advantage of these illumination fixtures is their maintenance and undemanding installation; pendant lights are easy to hang up as they are to keep up. They also come in an extensive range of bulb temperatures, designs, and price ranges, features you'll come to appreciate when shopping for lights. 

Wall sconces

As the name suggests, wall sconces are lighting fixtures fitted onto the walls, often angled to face upward or downward. Ideally, the placement of these fixtures translates into a diffused uni-directional light that casts shadows across the room with a subtle or animating effect. Why do they make this list? Wall sconces are ornamental, coming in various styles and designs warranted to grasp your guests' attention; they're also a great way to break up bland walls. The non-glaring nature of illuminance offered by floor lamps makes them a fantastic fixture to layer with other sources of light and an excellent choice when you're looking to pair up your primary lighting fixture for that extra pizazz. Their minimalistic structure also gets them a vote for being space-conscious, and you'd be glad to know that they're relatively affordable.

Floor lamps

From task to accent and ambient illumination, floor lamps are the ultimate multipurpose fixtures you'll find in the modern lighting world. These illumination structures are built to work well enough for your reading nook as they would for complementary lighting in your living room. Floor lamps are easy to layer and pair up with other fixtures, making unique decor elements. Throw in a textured gold or brass stem floor lamp in the library, and you have yourself a statement decor piece. You also find floor lamps' portability and installation perks quite relieving. You can easily plug your floor lamp into any corner of the house without breaking a sweat and assemble them with a guided manual, saving you additional installation expenses. Oh, and did we mention they are versatile? Floor lamps come in various shapes, designs, materials, styles, and sizes that suit any taste and theme.

Recessed lights

You've probably spotted these beauties in your favorite celebrity bathroom, closet, or kitchen ceilings, but if you haven't, don't sweat it, we've got you covered. These downlight fixtures come in a simple build of housing, trim, and bulb and are directly fit into a hollow opening in the ceiling. The recessed lights' typically small and compact structure makes them minimalistic and space conscious. Why do we love them? They're considerably affordable compared to most modern lighting fixtures and very versatile- these lights are compatible with any imaginable space in your home. Recessed lights are also a popular choice for most homeowners because they provide a diffused and dispersed illuminance with no shadows making them perfect for task and accent lighting.


Modern lighting fixtures have redefined home illumination. For most of us, these bespoke new age additions have flipped the lighting game to a multifaceted plane of aesthetics, functionality, style, and accentuation, an impressive stride from the dull old lighting fixtures we've all grown to know. While there's a charm to old lighting structures, there's no denying that modern lighting brings more to the table, ultimately giving it an edge. So, modern lighting might be the answer if you're in the throes of redecorating your home or simply looking to switch up your lighting fixtures. Now that you have all the tea on 2022 biggest modern lighting trends. Happy shopping.