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Thinking of Getting Wall Lights? Check This Out

In a home, proper lighting is very important. It does not only help you see your environment clearer, but it can also help set the mood in your area. Not to mention, they make great decorative material for any space. 

Additionally, if you're a person who only has a small space in your home, wall lights are the perfect ones for you as they do not take much space, allowing you to have lesser items or purchasing a side table to place your lighting. If you're having thoughts of getting wall lights, here are some things you need to know to help you choose! 

Know the Placement of Your Lighting 

The great thing about wall lights is that you could place them in any part of your home- whether in the entryways, bedroom, kitchen, and more. If you're considering placing your wall lights in your bedroom, the best placement would depend on the function. For instance, if you love reading during the night, it would be best to install it near your reading area. 

Your outdoor wall lights must be installed 60 to 72 inches above the floor for the entryway. You could also add more lighting by installing multiple fixtures, but consider that the placement of your lights will depend on how long your doorways are and the ceiling. 

Lastly, wall lights are ideally placed above the table area or the island for the kitchen area. This does not only help highlight the best areas in your kitchen, but it also allows you to work more effectively in preparing foods. 

Search About the Various Types of Lighting

Wall lights have various designs and styles made for different purposes. When you're selecting a wall light, other than thinking of the proper light placement, always consider that your chosen type will complement the design of your home or space. 

For those that want lighting that does not take much on their energy bill, led wall lights are a great choice. They have a longer lifespan than traditional light bulbs making them even better for long-term use. In this way, you have good lighting; you also enjoy an eco-friendly, energy-saving, and long-lasting lighting source. 

Decide on How Many Do You Need 

No one wants an area to be full of wall lights to the point that they become overcrowded. In getting a wall light, ensure that every lighting fixture could do its purpose. Ideally, have at least one fixture for every eight to ten feet but make a few adjustments based on the room's shape. Also, in general principle, a bedroom would need to have about 10-20 lumens per square foot. 

Have a Budget 

Nowadays, there are a lot of designer wall lights that are very elegant looking! Thus, having a budget is important to ensure that you have a wall light that you truly opted for. Every type of wall light differs in their prices. So, it is always best to have a budget with you to have the means to purchase your lighting fixtures. 

Choose Between Hard Wired or Plug and Switch Types 

Wall lights could either be hard-wired or plug and switch types. If you want your lighting cable to be wired into your main energy supply and installed by an electrician, it's best to opt for hard-wired wall lighting. In this sense, the wall lighting is not plugged into a socket. On the other hand, plug and switch types of wall lights are the ones that are plugged into an electricity source and do not require any assistance from an electrician. 


Proper lighting helps in enhancing any place. If you have dark corners, wall lights could be the perfect ones to highlight these spaces. Also, there are wall lights that help provide task lighting to help a person be more productive in their work or activities. Wall lights are very famous interior designs, so there are tons of designs and styles you could always choose from to have that perfect lighting for your space.