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Popular outdoor lighting styles

It's 2022, and this year, like every other, touts incredible lighting solutions we can't wait to catch you up on. Alongside landscaping and outdoor decor, illumination structures come in third place in achieving an impressionable exterior space trifecta. Exterior lighting is undoubtedly the dynamic and impactful incorporation in the trio with the potential to completely transform your space; the dilemma, however, is finding a suitable fit in a market full of yay fixtures. Take it from us; there's no one-size-fits-all answer to outdoor lighting as each space varies in need, size, and style. Nevertheless, we maintain that buzzing picks are a perfect hunting ground for your perfect outdoor illumination match.

Five trendy outdoor lighting fixtures

Whether you're looking to revamp your deck, beef up your workspace safety and security or are simply curious about the on-trend external illumination styles, a critical understanding of the market and what it offers comes in handy. Although with over 20 fixtures present in the market today, an analytical perspective can be rather exhausting. That said, we're breaking down five hot topic outdoor fixtures to save you the hassle.

Bollard light fixtures

Bollard lights are typically vertical structures with a bulb feature offering directional light. Often, these fixtures are installed at spaced intervals along a pathway or narrow space for functional illumination, but that's not all. Their stylish, sleek, and compact form makes them easy on the eye, fitting the aesthetic criteria of outdoor illumination fixtures. Apart from diversity, this trendy illuminance dime is space-conscious, making it a perfect fit for expansive and constricted spaces. Did we mention that bollard lights come in an LED bulb choice?

Led lanterns

LED lantern lights are the true example of traditional meets contemporary. Inspired by the 1800s lanterns, these light fixtures have shaped into a modern dreamy illumination fitting while maintaining their vintage charm. Why do we love them? They are an upgrade from the traditional gaslight lantern. Moreover, the fixtures have evolved into dynamic forms seamlessly blending into the contemporary world. Since they're LED, these fixtures streamline energy consumption, saving you a few bucks on your electric bill. 

Smart security fixtures

Out with the dull security spotlights, in with the new technologically advanced fixtures. Smart security spotlights have been a groundbreaking trend in outdoor lighting solutions sporting numerous benefits and features we cannot get over. Compared to their traditional counterparts, these illuminance structures are enhanced with motion sensor and remote control features, voice command and wireless setup capabilities, and a convenient scheduling and monitoring system. How cool is that? We love this fixture for large expansive units, but who's to say you shouldn't utilize it for security while you're on vacation with your family?

In-ground floor lights

In-ground illumination structures win the vote for safe outdoor lighting- they are kid-friendly and senior-friendly thanks to their installation, which guarantees zero tripping accidents. These ground-installed lighting fixtures ideally cast a directional beam of light and are relatively cost-efficient. Regarding variety, in-ground floor lights are a versatile choice with bulbs ranging from warm to cool temperatures. Homeowners looking to save on energy bills have the liberty to go LED. Finally, in-ground floor lights are a durable choice known to cast an uplight glow to highlight architectural and landscape elements.

String lights

From a festive seasonal fixture to a reliable outdoor addition, twinkling whimsical string lights have made quite the name for themselves in the lighting industry. These affordable illumination structures have won the hearts of many property owners cementing their position as a go-to fixture for creating depth and intrigue to landscape elements. String lights are notably affordable compared to the pool of fixtures available in the market and come in unique variations of LED and color-changing bulbs. To top it off, you'll find fairy lights to be aesthetic and easy to maintain and install.

Wrapping up

Outdoor lighting, regardless of location, is an especially critical element. For the commercial property owner, exterior illumination fixtures give voice to the space by night. The modern-day homeowner, however, gets a little bit of everything, from ambience to illumination and aesthetics. While there are several other considerations when shopping for exterior illuminance structures, the trendy picks grab the spotlight. What's more, these popular fixtures are not only desirable by modern-day standards but also highly functional and efficient. So if you're see-sawing between the many curb appeal transformations you can make this year, lighting would be a good start.