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Tips for Buying Chandeliers in 2022

Are you planning to buy a chandelier for your house? Good choice! In this article, we’ll talk about the most important tips you should remember when buying chandeliers this year. Read on! 

What are Chandeliers?

Chandeliers are elegant light fixtures composed of a lamp suspended from the ceiling. They use small, low-wattage bulbs. A single chandelier can have three or more bulbs. It can be used in nearly every room nowadays, and they add a mesmerizing brilliance to any room or space. 

These lighting features are often associated with formal designs, with materials such as lamps that are gold or brass plated. More modern and less formal designs use materials like wood, ceramic, wrought iron, and stained glass. 

Consider Your House and Needs

The first thing you should consider is whether your house truly needs LED chandeliers or if it’s only a passing fancy. Chandeliers are always a great choice of lighting fixture, but other types of light fixtures work, too! 

Check out interior designs online that match your house’s, and see if their aesthetic can work in your home. Good chandeliers aren’t always cheap, and it can be difficult to adjust if you don’t get things right the first time. 

Get the Right Size 

LED chandeliers come in various sizes and shapes. When choosing one for your house, the chandelier should be placed at the right spot and at a proper height to maximize its lighting impact. 

Remember: a well-placed light fixture can make a room, furnishings, and people look their best.

For instance, a chandelier in the dining room should be positioned at the center of the dining table and should match room proportions. 

Don’t buy chandeliers larger than the width of your table — people may bump into them when getting up. Rule of thumb: the chandelier should be 12 inches narrower than a table. It should also have at least 48 inches of space from each of the room’s walls or edges. 

Mind the Bulbs 

Light fixtures that illuminate a person’s face directly from above may cast unpleasant facial shadows. On top of that, the bulbs’ heat overhead can make you and your guests feel uncomfortable.  

Here’s a good trick: avoid high-wattage chandelier bulbs since they will increase heat and cause excessive table glare.  

If you want, you can add candelabra bulbs or wall dimmers to help you control the light. They can even help set a better ambiance. 

Check Chandelier Trends 

Lighting trends in 2022 are bright, and chandeliers are among the frontrunners of these trends. For one, adding oversized chandeliers is apparently getting more popular among homeowners. They place such chandeliers in entryways so that guests can notice them right away. 

Moreover, homeowners are encouraged to experiment with chandelier placement — they’re no longer reserved for dining rooms or foyers only. They can be placed effectively in a variety of settings if you get creative. 

Another nice trend in chandeliers is mixing and matching old and new designs. Chandeliers are deemed old-world fixtures, but they continue to be mesmerizing light fixtures when modernized properly. This is perfect for those who can’t design which interior design theme to follow when decorating.