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These Lighting Fixtures will Impress Your Guests

If you like hosting dinner parties, or if you often receive family members or friends as guests, you’ll want to impress them with your house’s interior. Light fixtures can get that job done in an instant as long as you know which ones to pick. The following fixtures will help you do that. 

Linear Chandeliers 

Modern chandeliers come in a wide array of styles and designs, such as linear chandeliers. They’re perfect for rectangular dining tables or kitchen islands. If you have long and narrow spaces, linear chandeliers effectively illuminate the space with a single fixture. 

Linear chandeliers are also great for vanity mirrors — they produce an equal amount of light in any part of the mirror. The light brightens up the whole bathroom, making the space look and feel extra luxurious. Your guests will feel flattered and impressed since the light illuminates their best features. 

Tunnel Sconces 

Sconces are perfect as vanity lighting, and they do well in layering the types of lights found in a room. That’s because their lights strike the perfect balance between brightness and moodiness.

Tunnel sconces often serve as accent lights, but they can also be used as bedside lamps if you want to save desk space. Moreover, their design usually directs light upwards, so they’re less harsh than other types of light fixtures. They produce light just bright enough, resulting in a dramatic illumination effect. 

Task Lighting 

Task lights are among the main lighting types every home should have. They illuminate workspaces, such as the kitchen when you’re cooking or your desk when you’re reading or working.

These types of lights can be placed in any room in your house. They come in various sizes and shapes, and their designs are stylish and elegant, giving your space a cozy yet luxurious look. Task lighting fixtures include: 

  • Pendant lights
  • Work area light
  • Slimline bar lights 
  • Under-bureau lights 

Task lights work best when combined with ambient and accent lighting fixtures. 

Track Lights 

If you have limited space and want more flexibility with lighting, then track lights are perfect for you. Not only are they stylish; they also offer great functionality. 

Track lights are usually narrow linear or curved, and they contain multiple bulbs in a single fixture. You can install one above your dining table to serve as task lighting, or you can place them above a cabinet to illuminate a decorative display. You can even use them as ambient lighting to light up a whole dining room. 

Moreover, you can move the lights along the fixture and individually direct their lights to an angle you prefer — one light can point to the right, while another can point downwards or to the left. This way, a larger area is illuminated. Track lights with bendable conduits are perfect for this job.  

Lantern Vanity 

Lantern vanity lights work similarly to sconces. They offer a soft light and give a space a warmer and cozier vibe. On top of that, they instantly make a space look more elegant and inviting — perfect if you have first-time guests coming over for dinner or a game night. 

They can also complement vanity and bathroom mirrors. Using it with a frameless mirror lets your guests have the right amount of lights and detail, but using it with a framed mirror can make the fixture too loud for a vanity space or bathroom. 

Try Candelabras 

If you want a more intimate look and feel for your dining area or room, try using a candelabra. Candelabras are essentially branched candle holders that carry multiple candles or bulbs. 

They require no assembly — place them on top of a table or any horizontal space (just not the floor), and they’ll cast soft light on your food items or dishware. Because of that, they can also serve as your table centerpiece.