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Online shopping has made everyone’s lives easier, but it still has its pitfalls. Although there’s nothing like seeing one of our unique light fixtures in person, VONN has been able to find a workaround. With 3D modeling software and AR technology, you can now bring our fixtures into your home.

AR technology, augmented reality, refers to the real environment modified by computer-generated objects. AR technology serves as the tool for overreaching the physical world, adding the digital elements for different levels. Of course, everyone knows the term Virtual Reality that becomes more and more popular in the modern world, but AR greatly differs by its approach. While Virtual Reality creates the environment that fully replaces the real one with digital elements, AR exists in the real existing one, just adding sounds, videos, graphics to it. In other words, instead of a complete simulation, AR adds the value to the user’s interaction with the real world that points to the additional tools and technologies.

Basically, the development of AR is in the process that includes various innovations and technologies for achieving the desired effect. One of the important elements for the technology of AR is the tool for displaying AR imaging represented through contact lenses. The lenses include the elements for display implemented in the lens referring to integrated circuitry, LEDs, and an antenna for wireless communication. It means that LED lighting becomes the next step in modern lighting systems that include both traditional lighting purposes and the ones connected with the newest technologies and innovations. In this way, LED lighting in which products are represented by different companies like Vonn, cannot be defined as a traditional light system and light items. Nowadays, referring to the value of light in both functional aims and design, it becomes the tool for both designers and engineers who transcend the limits of the past and move to the innovative future.

Thanks to 3D modeling and AR technology, VONN customers will be able to position chandeliers, pendants, bollards, ceiling lights and more on their preference place at home before purchasing. Customers will also be able to take a screenshot of the lighting fixture and share it with friends! Click in the link below and check this awesome new fixture from VONN!