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Without any doubt, lighting plays an important role in the overall design of a room that points to the focus on both natural and decorative use of lighting. Despite the need to illuminate a place, lighting represented through different architectural trends adds a special note to the overall design. Concerning contemporary trends in lighting, it is important to admit the focus on functionality and design at the same time that adds value to the traditional lighting elements.

Artisan Lyra VAP2271AB 18″ Integrated LED Pendant Lighting Fixture in Antique Brass

Following the main lightning trends of 2020, it is essential to mention that Vonn Artisan Collection creates an emphasis on the old and modern trends that combine vintage and innovations in a new expressive lighting form. The first important element of lighting trends is devoted to wooden materials. Wooden lamps are the elements of design that strengthen the wildness and rural motives that are in trend. Besides, for an old vintage style, the designers would use aged metal lamps or antique brass. At the same time, alongside the prominence given to the old styles, modernity would also be present in lighting trends of 2020. Despite the importance of design, contemporary lamps will be based on the newest technology innovations. The designers will use LED panels or pendant lamps for achieving the effect of both perfect design decisions and professionalism in terms of following technologies step by step. LED lighting will be the perfect choice for the design of different environments, indoor and outdoor, kitchen cabinets, storefronts, decoration elements, and more. LED lighting is the most functional decision of 2020 lightning since it responds to the newest innovation trends, and due to various material and decoration additions, it serves as the basis for the design of any place.

Artisan Como VAT6241AB 20″ Height Integrated LED Table Lamp with Silver Shade in Antique Brass

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