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Track lighting is considered to be a special way of lighting in which the light elements are attached on the continuous track that creates a lighting line. An excellent choice for a high ceiling and a large room, track lighting provides the chance for a designer to illuminate different types of room referring to its functionality and artistic value. Track lighting is usually based on the range of lamps united together as the lighting line that serves as a great tool for creating a cozy atmosphere and achieving the aim.

Basically, track lighting can be discussed in the same field as linear LED, but the sense lies in the decorative functions of the first one. While linear LED achieves the purposes for the excellent lighting and works for such places as offices or cabinets that need such kind of light, track lighting is more about design. Of course it lacks the accurate and high lighting to some extent, but the lamps that can be accomplished in different styles according to the design of the room become not an additional but the main elements in any place.