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Ways To Use Bollard Lights For Your Home Or business

When using bollard lights for your home or business, you can play with their versatility and reap the benefits of having great lighting on your property. In this article, we’ll talk about what bollard lights are, what they’re used for, what types to choose from, and more. Check them out!

What are Bollard Lights?

Bollards are short, thick posts. As the name suggests, bollard lights can illuminate landscapes and residential areas. In public places, bollards are meant to form a boundary. They also illuminate walkways while providing aesthetic lighting to the place. Other times, they serve as solid barriers. To keep bollard lights stable, they must be embedded in concrete, while the light fixtures themselves use various materials, such as stainless steel. Generally, the material should be strong enough to endure outdoor elements.

Where to Use Bollard Lights

Whether looking to improve the appearance of your business or residential property, bollard lights are perfect for serving the following purpose:

Creating Pathways

Installing bollard lights help you guide people visiting your house or business through walkways and pathways. They don’t form barriers, but they visually instruct people to go in a certain direction.

Improve Your Property’s Appearance

As mentioned, bollard lights are also popular for their aesthetic value. Your commercial property will look 100% better if you install attractive bollard lights, which come in various looks, colors, and styles.

Improve Security

Proper lighting can prevent unpleasant events from happening. While subtle, bollard lights produce lights that help people feel secure whenever they’re on your property, especially at night. This helps them see other people better and feel safer spending time on your commercial or residential property. Bollard lights also help people see potential obstacles or hazards along their way, preventing any injuries or accidents.

Types of Bollard Lights

Bollard lights come in four general types, which are:
  • The Louver: a light that points toward the ground with a hidden light source. This is best for pathways and natural areas like gardens and parks.
  • Standard Cone Reflector: a 360-degree light that illuminates everything around its source.
  • Specialized Cone Reflector: produced light down and out. This type minimizes glare and light pollution.
  • Type V Glass Reflectors: offers intense, 360-degree lighting, which makes it perfect if you have only a small space and few bollard lights.

Tips for Buying and Installing Bollard Lights

If you’re planning to buy and install bollard lights, you should follow these best practices:


Since bollard lights are short, you must space them closer than you would with taller light sources. Professional installers space them 2.5 to 4 meters apart. LED bollard lights can be farther apart since they emit brighter lights.


Bollards come in different sizes and shapes, so choose one that fits your landscape. Examples of bollard light designs are classic, lantern-like types, square lights, curved ones, or rectangular tops. Your choice will depend on the design of your property.


Bollard lights with reflectors have LED lights with lower wattages since the reflectors make the lights brighter and more intense. Overall, these reflectors add visual appeal to your lights, and they also come in different types.


Bollard lights are long-lasting, especially they’re made of LED lights. That means you shouldn’t worry about changing the lights frequently. They can also light up for hours on end since they don’t use filaments that may burn if left on for too long. Solar bollard lights are an option, too!


Finally, when installing bollard lights, pay attention to their placement. It’s best to avoid straight lines. Professionals recommend staggering them in a zig-zag pattern. In a nutshell, avoid putting bollard lights in front of each other, unless the pathway is incredibly wide.