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What Type Of Outdoor LED Lights Should You Use

Outdoor spaces say it all. Before having a peek inside, people have a glimpse of your property’s exterior space, and we all know what they say about first impressions. Finding the ideal outdoor lights for your property is, therefore vital, you don’t want your home looking like a hunk squatting in the shadows. Outdoor LED lights don’t just illuminate spaces; they bring them to life. If energy efficiency, power performance, and sustainability are some of the features you look for in outdoor lighting, then LED is something you’d want to explore. So, where do you start? We’ve put together six LED light fixtures that would be perfect for your outdoor space.


The name is telling for spotlights- these outdoor lighting fixtures have a unidirectional lumen. If you want to shine some light on this one particular spot in your yard, then these spotlights are the game. Whether it’s a sculpted statue or that luscious green catch in your lawn, you can never go wrong with a spotlight. Nevertheless, spotlights are multifunctional, and you can play around with them to get any desired effect. Hey, you don’t even have to stop highlighting; angle your spotlight around to accentuate your outdoors with shadows and grazing effects.


Floodlights are a go-to for security; these broad-beamed lights give high-intensity light on a wide coverage range. Landscapes and large outdoor spaces are well illuminated and complemented with floodlights. With various wattages to choose from and outstanding features like PIR sensor, color change, and remote control, floodlights are a sure way to give your driveway the illumination it needs while cutting out that blinding glare tied to security lights. Floodlights make the ultimate outdoor led lights choice for big spaces with affordability, power consumption, and impressive life expectancy as a plus.

Bollard lights

So your outdoors may not be as expansive, but you’re still looking for that LED glow- go bollard! Bollard light fixtures are an ultra-convenient outdoor lighting solution when working with limited space. These sleek posts with light attachments give multidirectional light, making them perfect for that aesthetic footpath lineup. Bollard lights come on a diverse selection of materials and temperatures to give your space that ambient touch. Outdoor lighting solutions don’t have to be boring; spice up your garden pathway with bollard fixtures for that extra oomph.


Up/downlights are simply angled lights- tilting the fixture upward creates up lights, whereas angling them down gives you downlights. From an outdoor design standpoint, up and downlights are great for structure and pattern animation. The range of possibilities for these angled lights is astounding; you can opt to create shadows over your hedges with downlights or bounce off your downlights on the walls for a beautiful pattern graze.

Strip lights

Strip lights are the most flexible outdoor led solution; they are continuously lined light fixtures forming an illumination strip. The diversity of strip lights lets you switch up from red, green, or blue to revitalize your deck or light up that staircase. LED strip lights come in various voltages and materials that can be folded up to fit the corners and turns in your outdoor space. Better yet, switch your step lights for strip lights for a contemporary touch on your staircase. Shopping for outdoor lighting solutions goes beyond the basic illumination needs; different spaces have different demands. Finding the perfect match for your home exterior doesn’t have to match the traditional lighting perspective; if a modern edge is what you’re looking for, then go for it. If affordability and energy efficiency sounds like a bargain you’re up for, then you should consider LED lighting solutions. Assuredly, LED lights will give you all the inspiration you need for that outdoors facelift and more.