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Basing on the popularity and extensive usage of LED lighting, people are proposed with the ways of operating with such kind of lighting. Concerning the basic technique of LED lighting, when a person uses LEDs in circuits, he or she always uses a series resistor. In this way, there is a need for calculating the value of the resistor with the help of an LED calculator. This tool serves as a great way of working with LED lighting and, as a result, the products of VONN that are based on LEDs.

In fact, there are different representations of the LED calculator, referring to the actual calculator and the ones that can be found online. Nowadays, Internet resources provide various versions of the single LED series resistance calculators that become useful when operating with a single LED. Such calculators not only calculate the value of the resistor but define which resistor a person should use with a given LED. More complex calculators can even operate with more than one LED referring to the resistors and connections. 

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