The Beauty of Adjustable LED Downlights - Orbit Series

When it comes to interior design and creating the perfect ambiance, lighting plays a crucial role. It has the power to transform an ordinary space into something extraordinary, evoking emotions and enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal. Among the various lighting options available, adjustable downlights have emerged as a popular choice for their versatility and ability to complement any space. 

The adjustable nature of these downlights also enables them to cater to changing needs and preferences. As the layout or purpose of a room evolves, the lighting requirements may change. Adjustable downlights offer the convenience of adjusting the lighting angles without the need for additional fixtures or rewiring. This adaptability makes them an ideal choice for spaces that require versatile lighting solutions, such as galleries, retail stores, or multipurpose rooms. 

We want to introduce you to our Orbit Series as it features a wide range of adjustable LED Downlights that will complement your space. 

     1. Orbit VMWA004201A008 3.25” LED Adjustable Wall Mount Downlight

This SKU has the flexibility of being installed on ceilings or walls, and it’s available in Chrome and Antique Brass finish. It rotates 350 degrees to the sides, making it easy to direct the light to the desired object or space. We recommend installing this model on the wall next to art, this way it highlights the design and creates a gallery feel for the piece. Keeping this in mind, you can also install it on top of hospitality room numbers or along a hallway to create a different kind of ambiance while also providing more than enough lighting for the guests. 







    2. Orbit VMCL000701A020 + VMDL000701A020 LED Adjustable Downlight

With similar features to the previous downlight, both of these fixtures display the same adjustability features with differences on installation and base size, and are available on white and black finish. Our VMCL000701A020 is a Surface Mounted LED Adjustable Downlight, with a 5.5” base and a 2.25” rotating head; while our Orbit VMDL000701A020 is a Flush Mounted  LED Adjustable Downlight, with an overall height of 4.25” including the recessed housing. Both products feature heads that rotate 350 degrees to the sides and open up to 90 degrees, this provides flexibility after installation as you can direct the light to any desired object and redirect after any changes. 





     3. Orbit VMDL004101A008 + VMCL004101A008 LED Adjustable Spotlight

The only difference between these 2 downlights is the installation, our Orbit VMDL004101A008 is Flush Mounted while our Orbit VMCL004101A008 is Surface Mounted. Both fixtures feature a head that’s adjustable 90 degrees up and down, and 350 degrees rotation to the sides, also available in black and white finish. One of the key advantages of adjustable spotlights is their ability to provide flexibility and adaptability in lighting design.